3M4A0637In 2007, singer / guitarist Joel Lindsey left his hometown in the suburbs of Southeast London, England for a life-changing journey. He performed solo across America, from Washington DC to San Francisco. Returning to his girlfriend in Pittsburgh, Joel quickly joined the bustling Pittsburgh music scene.

Early into his move, he met bassist / rapper Jim Kurasch at a gritty dive bar in Pittsburgh’s Southside. Joel convinced him that the two should start a new group. Later, the duo were joined by drummer Tim College, whose home studio and degree from Berkeley in music production paved the way for recording Boulevard of the Allies’ albums.

Boulevard of the Allies took their name from a downtown Pittsburgh street which tributes the allied forces from WWI.

After performing together for a year, the band recorded their debut album, Man in the Photograph – a singer-songwriter driven record representing the stories and experience of Joel’s travels.

Five years later, the band began to find its sound as a group, having fought and struggled as many bands do. The group aimed to create a new rock-pop record that was more raw, straight-ahead, and full of life. The product is the 13 track album, Jumping Out of Windows, available in CD form as well as downloadable in online stores. Click any of the icons at the bottom of this site to get your copy of the new album!