Hello nice person checkin’ out the Boulevard of the Allies web page! I like you! (Check this out!)

Eight gigs in seven days. Wooooh… fingers hurting. Anyone got a remedy? No, I don’t want to superglue my fingertips. That just sounds like a bad idea. I’ll probably end up gluing my hand to my forehead.Then I’ll have to walk around pretending to look really worried so that I don’t look weird. Like this:

So when are you coming out to one of our gigs? What else you gonna do the night of a show? Stay in and play Words with Friends with your boyfriend sitting on couch opposite? Stop being so lame and get your ass out to a gig. You’ll like it.

Sorry for calling you lame. Here’s a free download: Always Wanted (2011)
Lastly, you need to stop what you’re doing and like our Facebook page. I don’t mean to be a little girl about it, but we don’t have enough ‘likes’ and I got drunk last night and cried about it a little.

So yeah, like here > www.facebook.com/boulevardoftheallies

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. You are the wheels to my proverbial bicycle.


PS Pass this around…

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